Friday, April 20, 2007

Behind The Auction

Here's the story behind the story of The Auction. The story was written in response to the second White/Quertermous blog project. The objective was to write a story up to 3,000 words involving an object that is either sold at or taken to a police auction. This one clocks in at a mean 2,733 words. It was one of my first attempts at getting back into the writing game. The story came to me exactly as written; a swirling, back-and-forth piece that shows what happens at the auction and how all the players got there.

In the process, I started to have feelings toward two of the characters: Handsome Rob and Nice Guy Eddie. There was an idea floating around in my head of two prequels. One that explains how Nice Guy Eddie got his name. One that shows Handsome Rob and Brenda before Rob got sent to prison. So, the weekend after I wrote The Auction, I wrote the Handsome Rob prequel (which should be posted in this space in the next week or two). The structure of the first piece felt a lot like a Quentin Tarantino movie, but the prequel was more of a standard story. Though I did add a character who is a motormouth and spoke his dialog in my head with QT's voice.

Re-reading these stories gave me another idea for Handsome Rob. After I put the finishing touches on my current WIP, at least 1000 more words to go, I may swing back to the further adventures of Handsome Rob.

I never did write the Nice Guy Eddie story, and probably never will.

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