Friday, May 11, 2007

Behind The Heist

As I said before, in writing The Auction I came up with additional stories for Handsome Rob and Nice-Guy Eddie. The Heist was written the weekend after The Auction. I already had Handsome Rob and his girlfriend, and I knew it was going to be about how Rob was sent to prison. He needed a partner, and I decided that it should be his fault that Rob got caught on this job. The character of Jimmy Shrub was born. At first, he was going to be a motormouth and a hot head, but the more he kept talking, the more I heard Quentin Tarantino's voice in my head. So, Shrub morphed into a movie-quoting pop culture obsessed pothead.

The other thing I wanted to show was that Handsome Rob, while a crook, was an honorable man. Hence the ending where he saves the hostages.

Still in the beginning stages of writing Handsome Rob #3. So far, the tone is a bit different than the first two. Not sure if I should try to match it, or continue with the way things are going. Though the new tone does seem to match the storyline a bit better.

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