Monday, June 25, 2007

The Bond That Never Was

I came across this interesting article today dealing with Warhead, the Bond move that never was. Bond fans know about the legal battle between Bond producers and writer/director Kevin McClory over the script of Thunderball and some of the characters therein. Because of this, the Bond producers stopped using SPECTRE as villains around For Your Eyes Only. The legal battle provided McClory with the rights to the Thunderball story, but not much else. This lead to the 1982 non-cannon Bond film Never Say Never Again, basically a remake of Thunderball. The new book The Battle For Bond: The Genesis of Cinema’s Greatest Hero by Robert Sellers has now been released and details how close Warhead actually came to being filmed.

After a quick search, I found this posting on about the book and this one (also with some never before seen photos.

It doesn't look like the book has been published in the US, but I'll be keeping my eyes out for it.

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