Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Update

After a brief delay, I've started writing again. I got feedback from an editor friend of mine on PI#1. He caught a couple of the hack writer shortcuts I did, and it was good to see what worked and what didn't work. I sent him PI#2 this morning, so I hope to get feedback fairly quickly.

As for Handsome Rob #3, it's moving along fairly well. I had the structure and the general plot pretty much in my head when I came up with the idea, but actually filling in the gaps was proving to be more difficult. After writing the opening scene, I stalled for about a week and a half. There's a bit more story to go, but right now it sits at 2,271 words. To put that in perspective, The Auction was a lean 2,217 words and The Heist was 2,094. Number Three is shaping up to be on the order of my current word counts. PI#1 is about 5,000 words and PI#2 is about 6,000.

When Rob#3 is finished (hopefully this week), I'll do the same as with the other two. The story will go up on a Monday with a behind-the-story post on Wednesday.

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