Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Behind Retribution

While rereading the previous Handsome Rob stories (The Auction and The Heist) before posting, I started to remember why I liked the character so much. Especially during The Heist, I came up with another idea for a Handsome Rob story. What would happen after the auction?

Retribution is full of a lot of different things. I think it has a different tone than the first two, probably more in tune with what I'm writing now. Also, it's longer than the first two combined (at over 6000 words). The flashback structure came to me early on in the process, and it reminded me of the TV series Lost, which I am a huge fan of. In fact, whenever I read or wrote the *** breaks, I could hear the wooosh should effect that accompanies a Lost flashback.

I don't know what's next for Handsome Rob or for me. Maybe he'll sit on the shelf for a year again before coming back in a new story. I'm still working on the next PI story. It's not that I plan to be a series writer, but I keep having ideas of what to do with these guys, so I can't really ignore them.

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