Thursday, October 18, 2007

The new TV season: returning shows

Now on to the returning shows:

Prison Break - year three is bringing things back full circle. Michael is now in prison and his brother Lincoln is on the outside. The show just keeps getting more and more ridiculous, but the characters are still interesting.
Heroes - after a slow first couple weeks, this week really started to heat things up. Syler is back in the mix and we have more of an idea of the overarching story for this season. The only thing missing from Monday's episode was my favorite Hiro.

NCIS - a strong start for one of my favorites. After wrapping up the Le Grenouille storyline (for now), the stories have gotten back to the familiar format. The stories are well crafted as ever and the chemistry still crackles. Just witness last week's episode with Gibbs, his former lover, an ex-wife, and his current girlfriend.
The Unit - what were they thinking with that whole disband the unit storyline? I was kind of worried about how this season started off, but things have gotten back to the crisis of the week format. It's going to be a headscratcher for a while about what the writers were doing.

With Lost off until mid-season, there's really no Wednesday show I watch that isn't new.

My Name is Earl - Earl in prison. Not doing as much karma fixing as he did on the outside, but we're getting to know more of the characters' pasts. I love Henry Monroe....I mean Crabman.
30 Rock - it looks like it's off to a slow start. I like the whole Jenna is fat storyline, but this season hasn't made me laugh as much as last season.

Numb3rs - Colby is back (turns out he was a double or triple agent). Like NCIS this show benefits from strong scripts and a great cast. No slipping here.

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