Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The new TV season

It's been three or four weeks since the start of the fall TV season, so I think it's time to start assessing the new shows. It is surprising, though, that there hasn't been a cancellation yet. Just by saying that, I probably jinxed some poor show. So, here's a rundown of what I've sampled:

Chuck - by far the best new series. Good cast. Good scripts. Funny. It just gets better and better each week.
K-Ville - OK cop show. The New Orleans setting is one of the big things this one has going for it. Anthony Anderson and Cole Hauser as the leads are interesting characters, but they are the only ones with any kind of character development.

Reaper - Tried this on the advice of Gerald and the fact that the pilot was directed by Kevin Smith. Funny as hell. The characters are interesting and the actors portray them well. The only problem is, by about episode 3 the formula really started to show. Hopefully they find a way to grow beyond the cookie cutter stories.

Back to You - classic sitcom with two classic sitcom actors in Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton. Nothing groundbreaking, but each week tends to get funnier. Good show to turn your mind off and watch.
Bionic Woman - still not sure what to say about this one. The whole first bionic woman subplot is interesting as is the possibility that Jamie was slated to become bionic even before the car accident. I think this one might get another week or two to wow me.
Life - decent cop show. Another one I'm not sure what to say about. The Zen detective bit is unique and the over-arching plot of who set Crews up is more intriguing than the cases they've had to solve up to this point.

Are there even any new shows on?

Women's Murder Club - I wanted to watch this last week, but didn't get a chance. I'll try again this week.

Tomorrow I might post about how the returning shows are faring this season.

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