Wednesday, February 20, 2008

...They Pull Me Back In

Dave had his post earlier this week about his return to comic books, so now it's my turn. As I was stuck at home for most of January, I decided to pick up some of the comics that I had stopped reading almost 10 years ago. The only comic I obsessively collected was X-Men - in all the various flavors. My first book back was X-Men #200...and what a way to kick it off. Excellent artwork by Humberto Ramos and Chris Bachalo, a kick-ass story by Mike Carey, and an amazing twist ending. It also starts setting things in motion for the Messiah CompleX storyline, which is what inspired this post.

The whole Messiah CompleX saga was a roller coaster ride from beginning to end. I don't remember anything on this grand a scale from my previous comic book reading. And with the ending (spoilers withheld), it makes me even more excited for Duane's Cable.

To tie back into Dave's point about long-term planning, the events of Messiah CompleX could never have taken place without 2005's House of M. I'm not sure if that was the plan all along or just a lucky byproduct, but it's made me go back and try to get some of the M issues to see exactly how we got here.

Oh, comic books, why did I ever leave you?

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