Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Se7en (1995)

My last review was Fight Club. Here's another movie by David Fincher that it took me a really long time to see. Just like FC, Se7en features outstanding direction by Fincher and great performances by Pitt and Morgan Freeman. It's amazing how almost every shot in the film gives you a very creepy feeling without resorting to a lot of the tricks that serial killer movies rely on.

I noticed a couple really cool decisions the filmmakers make that I became subconsciously aware of. One thing I noticed while watching was profanity. There is quite a bit of swearing in the movie. But except for one line by Freeman and the interrogation scene at the end, all the profanity was spoken by Brad Pitt's character. Not sure if they were going for some kind of message, but it kept the whole thing a little off-kilter and made Freeman's cursing a lot more powerful.

It was only after a couple days that I noticed something about the violence in the movie. Yes, there's a serial killer going after people based on the seven deadly sins. But except for Wrath and Envy, all of the killing/violence occurs off camera. I think that helped build the eerie atmosphere.

Very good movie. Highly recommended.

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Cormac Brown said...

"I think that helped build the eerie atmosphere."

Indeed. By the time Bowie sang "The Heart's Filthy Lesson," I can honestly say I have never been more creeped out by a film in my life.