Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cup Finals: Game 1

Well, Game 1 has come and gone. Detroit wins 4-0. I don't think the game was as out of hand as the score implies. The first period was relatively balanced, with Pittsburgh controlling the play for long periods of time. The score was 0-0 after one. The second period was almost completely dominated by the Red Wings (as evidenced by the 16-4 shot total in favor of Detroit. The Red Wings capitalized on a bad line change and finished the period up 1-0. The third period saw a couple sustained attacks by Pittsburgh, but they were few and far between. Detroit did what they have done all year and capitalized on any mistake by their opponent. A "not too smart" pass by a Penguins player and two passes later, the puck was in the back of the net.

Here's hoping for a better result in tomorrow's Game 2. But I have a feeling Detroit might win the series in six.

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