Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Killer Year

I recently finished the short story collection Killer Year: Stories to Die For. For the few blog visitors who don't know, Killer Year is a group of crime/suspense authors who had their debut novels published in 2007 and banded together as sort of a cross-promotion deal. As one of the neater things they did (along side the website and blog) was assemble a collection of short stories submitted by each debut novelist.

All the stories have their own charms. Each provides, one would assume, a taste of their own particular writing style. The three stories that really grabbed my attention were "Perfect Gentleman" by Brett Battles, "Bottom Deal" by Robert Gregory Browne, and "Gravity and Need" by Marcus Sakey. After reading just the story's second and third paragraphs (about love at first sight), Sakey's debut novel The Blade Itself jumped all the way to #2 or #3 on my TBR pile.

Another one I'd like to mention is Sean Chercover's "One Serving of Bad Luck". It didn't blow me away like some others in the collection, but I am definitely interested in picking up his novel.

I only singled out a couple stories, but there's lots of good stuff in here. Something for everyone. Let me know your favorites.

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