Sunday, June 29, 2008

Canceled Shows

Gerald So recently posted a column on Mysterical-E about prematurely canceled TV shows. Included are a couple shows I still pine over (Karen Sisco, Raines), a couple shows I enjoyed but wasn't broken up about their cancellation (Andy Barker, Eyes) and a couple that everyone enjoyed but I never watched (Firefly). No list of my canceled shows would be complete without Brimstone (as mentioned elsewhere on this blog) and Boomtown.

Luckily, the first season of Boomtown was released on DVD shortly after its demise. For those unfamiliar with the show, each week's crime was told from multiple perspectives. We got those of the victims and the criminals as well as two LAPD detectives, two uniformed officers, a paramedic, a reporter, and a district attorney. With strong scripts and top-notch acting, it won a Peabody Award, but never caught on with the viewers. There are two episodes that should have won Best Actor Emmys (Neal McDonough in "Blackout" and Donnie Wahlberg in "Lost Child").

In "Blackout", David McNorris (McDonough) goes on a bender after breaking up with both his wife and his mistress in the same night. He wakes up the next morning with a blood stain and a huge dent in his car, but is unable to remember anything that happened. The detectives start to investigate a hit-and-run in the area where McNorris was. McDonough starts of the episode in the normal brash, confident manner he played McNorris in the entire season. But as the episode progressed, you could see toll that the thought of possibly killing a man eat away at McNorris until he finally decides to get a grip on his alcoholism and get help.

"Lost Child" features Detective Joel Stevens (Wahlberg) under investigation by Internal Affairs after one of the files from his infant daughter's death turns up missing. Joel finds himself finally confronting his wife's suicide attempt (referenced earlier in the season) and the death of their newborn daughter. Again, Wahlberg does a great job capturing all the emotions that one would expect of someone who lost a child at such a young age.

Like I mentioned, season one of Boomtown is available on DVD, so I recommend that you seek out a copy and give it a look.

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