Monday, June 16, 2008


A couple notes about the story below. While trying to come up with a story, the thing that popped into my head was an old gas station on an desert road somewhere out west. Then the idea of using the starter line as the closer (I'm surprised I'm the only person to do so). The story had enough time to percolate on my drive home that it only took me about an hour to get it down on paper. I put it aside for a couple days and when I came back to edit, there was something missing. I decided to see how it worked in first person and that really brought out Frankie's voice.

The only problem is he won't shut up now. I lay in bed for over an hour last night talking with him instead of going to sleep. His newfound talkativeness plus the nice things you guys said about the story makes me want to put aside my current WIP for a bit and write another Frankie story.

But the problem I see is venue. Do I put it here where nobody will read it (like the Handsome Rob stories)? Can anybody suggest a good online venue I should target?


Cormac Brown said...

I am partial to Powder Burn Flash. Many of the people that participated in the last two flash fiction challenges have posted there, or they read that blog.

r2 said...

Fictional Musings is also good. Also Muzzle Flash.