Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Was Afraid This Would Happen

Hossa = gone. Malone = gone. Roberts = gone.

Penguins are leaving in droves. Brooks Orpik and Pascal Dupuis stay, though.

As much as I like Ryan Malone, there's no way in hell that he's worth $7M or $8M a year (since his contract for $31.5M over 7 years is front-loaded).

Next season is going to be interesting unless there's a big free agent signing or trade in the works.

Update 10:47PM: Looks like I spoke too soon! Penguins sign Rusty Fedotenko and Miroslov Satan!!! Not as good as Malone and Hossa, but not to shabby either.

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Cormac Brown said...

Up until these playoffs, I didn't think much of Hossa, but he really played his keister off and whenever they ganged up on Sid The Kid and Malkin, he really came through. I hope Satan can play at least 75% as good as he did during his Sabres days.