Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flash Recap

I think Tuesday's Flash Challenge was a big success. All the stories were great. There are certainly a lot of talented writers in the group.

Patti has a list pairing each story writer with the writer of the opening paragraph. I got Scott Parker's and John McAuley got mine. After reading John's first sentence after my paragraph, I thought "great, he's going to turn Johnny Bix into a child molester." But, I dug the story he told. The ending of it put a big smile on my face. Job well done. Check out "No Pool No Car" at Powder Burn Flash.

Like I mentioned the other day, Scott's paragraph got me a couple story ideas. The first idea had a twist that probably would've seemed forced. The next couple passes were a flirty, Jack Foley/Karen Sisco in the trunk type conversation between Rod and the clerk (named Veronica). Once I introduced the line "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets", they degenerated into a Tarantino-esque pop culture laced conversation that felt a little hollow.

Then, somehow, the idea of Rod running and being ashamed of his cowardice popped in. It's not a high-energy story like most flash is, but I knew if I was able to find the right emotional notes to hit it would work.

Someone suggested that we use endings for the next flash challenge. I bet that would be a hell of a lot harder, but still loads of fun.

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