Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Comings and Goings

The past couple days, I've been playing with a couple ideas for upcoming stories. I have two that I'm currently working on. One has about 500 words already, the other is merely an idea.

It got me thinking again on the idea of markets. There are a lot of good flash fiction markets out there, but these stories probably won't be flash. For noir, A Twist of Noir seems like a good one.

Along my travels in the past week, I stumbled on this site called Duotrope's Digest (probably clicking on a link on Paulie Decibels's website, then another link, then another...). The Digest says it is "a free writers' resource listing over 2475 current Fiction and Poetry publications". Doing some quick searches, it looks pretty good. You can search by genre, length, type (web or print), payscale, you name it!

Even if your work isn't accepted, it's a good way to find new markets to read and even find some new writers.


Paul Brazill said...

Sandra Seamans MY LITTLE CORNER is a GREAT place to find markets

Cormac Brown said...

As usual, Paulie beat me to it and I'll have to move to Mongolia to get a leg up on him.

Sandra has the best links by far and she checks each one out. Not only that, but she keeps track of them. She got me hip to Flash 500 and she just posted that they've gone on hiatus for the summer.