Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snip Snip

I've talked before about the Patti Abbot & crew flash challenges.  They're always a blast and you get to know some cool writers who also hang around the internet.  The other week, a new challenge was thrown down.  I had an idea, so I jumped in.

It's funny how inspiration works.  I had a good story with interesting characters, but after I wrote the first two sentences (yes, two sentences), everything changed.  The protag's motivation, the relationship with a secondary character, even one character's gender changed.

I finished the first draft this morning, and I dig it.  The only problem is the challenge calls for a story of "800 or so words".  First draft clocks in at just under 1400.

Time to trim the fat.


David Barber said...

Welles, nice to see you about, my friend. I'm sure you're creative enough to trim the fat off! I'm working on something for it myself. Be interesting to see what people come up with.

Hope you're well. Take care, mate!

WellesFan said...

Yeah, I needed to hibernate a bit to recharge the ol' batteries. It's always fun to see the different takes people have on the starter (with an even larger pool than FFF).

Can't wait to read yours.